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Since 1982 we’ve grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of commercial greenhouse structures and equipment, hydroponic systems, and growing supplies, with customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean.

Blog posts

  • Hobby Dutch Bucket Plant Production System

    CropKing • July 16, 2006

    THE DUTCH BUCKET plant production system offers flexibility in size and layout. The system can be configured to fit...

  • Nutrient Film Technique in the Hobby Greenhouse

    CropKing • May 09, 2006

    Many people want to have a small production system with which to grow fresh, leafy vegetables that they can enjoy...

  • Paths to Success in the First Hobby Greenhouse

    CropKing • September 09, 2005

    You've decided to take the plunge and purchase a hobby greenhouse. Once you’ve received and constructed it, it’s...

  • The Greenhouse: Growing Environment or Battleground?

    CropKing • September 09, 2005

    Changes in seasons bring about changes in the external and internal environments of the greenhouse. These changes...

  • Greenhouse Plant Growing Systems

    CropKing • September 09, 2005

    Whatever the growing system used, plant roots need oxygen. Oxygen is used in the root for respiration of...

  • Bugs and Greenhouses: Keeping the Bugs Out

    CropKing • September 09, 2005

    The insects and mites that could become a problem in your greenhouse live on plants. If you bring plants into your...

  • S/CEA vs. Traditional Agriculture

    CropKing • October 16, 2000

    A CropKing growing system requires lower labor costs, lower investment, and lower risk than traditional farming...

  • NFT Production of Lettuce

    CropKing • April 24, 1999

    History The nutrient film technique (NFT) was developed during the late 1960's by Dr Allan Cooper at the Glasshouse...

  • Non-Electric Greenhouse

    CropKing • October 08, 1997

    An area man has developed a new method to make modern hydroponic technology work - without using electricity - a...