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  • Cucumber Production- An Overview of OH numbers in 2013 and 2014

    CropKing • October 21, 2014

    Overview and Data Considerations

    This data covers a couple of years of data (2013, 2014). So, the goal is to...

  • Summer 2014 Oakleaf Trial

    CropKing • September 12, 2014

    Seeding was done by hand into pre-moistened 1” x 1” x 1 ½” cubes of three different media (Grodan 200 ct rockwool...

  • Branching out with Brassicas - Summer trial in NFT production in Ohio

    CropKing • August 04, 2014

    In the greenhouses that I visit and crops I discuss with growers, it is clear that lettuce still fills a majority...

  • 2014 Tomato Trials- Summer Sneak Peak

    CropKing • June 12, 2014

    For many of the producers that we serve, beefsteak tomatoes are a large majority of their production. However...

  • Dealing with a Rexless Summer?

    CropKing • May 12, 2014

    For growers, there exists something of a codependent relationship between them and their cultivar of choice. Due to...

  • Investigating impacts of Electrical Conductivity in Nutrient Solutions

    CropKing • April 08, 2014

    In recirculating systems producing leafy crops, one of the main factors in the control of the grower is the...

  • Summer to Fall Mixed Leafy Trial

    CropKing • February 04, 2014

    While lettuce fills a large majority of the spaces in most greenhouse nutrient film technique (NFT) systems in the...

  • Beefsteak Cultivar Trials- Part 2 (The Numbers)

    CropKing • January 06, 2014

    •This evaluation was carried out both to increase our knowledge
    of several available beefsteaks and to provide...

  • Beefsteak Cultivar Trials- Part 1 (The Pictures)

    CropKing • November 22, 2013

    Greenhouse tomato production in the United States now encompasses a wide spectrum of fruit types and cultivars...