VegiBee Pollinator



VegiBee Garden Pollinator is a 5-speed rechargeable plant pollinator, best suited for a large garden or greenhouse.

The VegiBee Garden Pollinator includes a sonic 5-speed rechargeable pollinator, 2 vibrating wands, a pollen spoon, a recharging base, AC adapter and USB connector for recharging.

This product uses sound wave technology with 29,000-44,000 vibrations per minute to harvest excess plant pollen. This excess plant pollen is captured in a pollen spoon that can then be used to pollinate 5-6 additional flowers on the same plant, increasing plant productivity

The VegiBee eliminates the need for bees, insects or the wind to pollinate flowering vegetables and fruits in a greenhouse, hydroponic or home food garden. The VegiBee Garden Pollinator is a chemical free method to pollinate food crops, so it can be used in organic food gardens.

The product is water resistant; UL certified and has a 6 month warranty.

The VegiBee Garden Pollinator is affordable, easy to use and will increase the yield by 30-40%, over natural pollination methods.