Shade Cloth 40% White 8' x 130'


Many of our products are specialized, custom or not available for purchase in our online catalog. Please call us at (330) 302-4203 or email [email protected] for more information.


Our shade cloth for greenhouses is a high quality, knitted shade net that resists tearing. Unlike woven shade cloth, our knitted shade net will not unravel at the edges or at a tear. It contains UV inhibitors and resists deterioration better than polypropylene. There is also less wind resistance due to the knitted construction. Other types, sizes and colors are available by custom order.

White Shade Cloth is ideal for cooler greenhouses as it keeps the heat off the plastic and allows more light in than black shade cloth. It is available in 40% and 50% shade, in rolls 26 x 130 foot, or can be customized. Please call your salesperson at 330.302.4203.



*Add Seaming Charge of .30 per foot for custom widths. $25.00 min order fee may apply