2014 Tomato Trials- Summer Sneak Peak

Trial Overview


For many of the producers that we serve, beefsteak tomatoes are a large majority of their production.  However, trends in consumption and competition are increasing interest in specialty cultivars. From demand for farm to school salad bar items to farmers market mixed baskets, there are a range of options for small fruited and colored tomatoes. While visual interest and taste are critical in these cultivars, it is essential that production be adequate and relatively consistent over the season. These two questions are the reason behind this trial. Exhaustive yield data is not possible on the scale that we trial in our test greenhouse, but early evaluation is essential to begin to make suggestions for growers. So, this evaluation was carried out on small plots of fifteen cultivars to assess plant production throughout the season. These are preliminary trials to determine what cultivars to trial more extensively in the future.





















Plant Management


•All ungrafted seedlings transplanted from 1.5” rockwool cubes into perlite filled Bato buckets

•Plant density was 4 ft2 per plant or 2.7 plants/m2

•Began feeding seedlings at 1.5 mS/cm EC and increased feed to 2.2-2.4 mS/cm as mature plants

•Target leach ECs were 0.4-0.6 above feed ECs (2.6 to 3.0 mS/cm)


Italia- Roma








Itaca- Roma

























Prunus- Roma











Colored Plums


tiger plum

small pink

































Cantina Purple













-By Natalie Bumgarner, PHD
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