Early Ground Shipping

Autumn is the time of year when growers might prepare to expand existing structures or erect new greenhouses. It is important to begin these projects sooner rather than later because freezing temperatures can make establishing the base of a greenhouse increasingly expensive and time consuming.

In the winter months, the ground will freeze and thaw causing the soil to expand and contract. Constructing a stable foundation for a greenhouse structure under these conditions can be a difficult task. The ground may heave and shift the foundation posts or ground stakes designed to support the weight of the frame, potentially leading to structural instability. Pouring concrete in the winter may prevent the cement from curing properly.

There is equipment available that thaws the frozen ground and thermal blankets that prevent frost from developing, but these items are often expensive and add more cost to the overall project. Autumn has only just begun, so there is still time to begin preliminary construction.

CropKing strives to offer the highest quality greenhouses, growing systems, and above all, customer service. When ordering a CropKing greenhouse, customers have the option to receive Early Ground Material shipping. Growers will receive the ground stakes or column posts, and baseboard pipe straps. These items will be delivered before the rest of the greenhouse to allow for adequate time to pour concrete and lay the foundation.

Once the groundwork is in place, the difficulty of winter construction has been greatly reduced. Crews can continue to construct the greenhouse throughout the winter without sacrificing the integrity of the structure. With high labor availability and off-peak wages, winter is an ideal time to build. If you decide to go this route, make sure you ask for the Early Ground option to ensure that your foundation is sound so your structure will be strong.