Sunclear 1 Quart



Stops condensation and increases light transmission when diluted and applied to dry plastic surfaces, such as flexible or rigid greenhouse coverings, prevents the formation of water droplets. As a result, the plastic remains clear, admitting up to 50% more light. Dripping , which can be injurious to plants and is annoying to personnel is eliminated.

For best results Sun Clear greenhouse plastic roof coating should be applied with a sprayer producing a forceful spray. Both new and old plastic materials can be treated. If new plastic is to be treated, Sun Clear is best to be applied 2 weeks after installation of plastic, this is to allow oxidation of  oily residues on the new plastic and to achieve maximum adhesion of Sun Clear. The Sun Clear coating reduces water surface tension, so that condensation occurs rather like a film and stops dripping.

Sun Clear works well on polyethylene and vinyl film plastics and rigid materials such as fiberglass and Plexiglas to stop condensation and increase light transmission.

Sun Clear coated plastic will transmit up to 50% more light than dripping, uncoated plastic.