Bato Buckets with 2 elbows



The Bato Buckets are designed to be fed by an emitter and measure 12 inches long, by 10 inches wide, by 9 inches tall. Included with the bucket are two small siphon elbows, to be installed in the bottom of the bucket. These elbows are installed to keep a small reservoir of nutrient in the bottom of the bucket, about 2 inches in depth. This nutrient reservoir keeps the growing media from drying out and prevents water stress on the plant between irrigation cycles. The buckets are designed to rest on a 1 ½ inch PVC drain line, so the drain water is suctioned from the lowest level and discharged into a central drain line. This method allows the reservoir to be constantly replenished and prevents accumulation of stale nutrient solution. Bato Buckets work well for heavy fruiting plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.