CropKing Business Plan



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CropKing offers a template to create your own business plan, based on our standard sizes of commercials greenhouse systems. With this you can learn about personal and commercial greenhouse plans to take your farm or business to the next level.

If you will need financing to purchase a CropKing hydroponic greenhouse system, any financial institute will require a business plan. The Cropking Business Plan covers construction cost estimates, projected income and background about the NFT (lettuce or leaf crop) system and production as well at the Bato Bucket.  Creating a busines plan is a "road map" for not only your banker but also for you as you start up a new business.  

The commercial greenhouse plan includes Tomatoes or Lettuce spreadsheets on the USB with instructions and the "Getting Started in S/CEA" workbook, full of information about how to get started in this exciting field.

The template provides:

  • Plans for either lettuce or tomato projects
  • Up to a 16-Bay greenhouse (one acre)
  • Accurate heating cost calculations for your proposed greenhouse
  • Production costs per lb/head of produce
  • The electric use calculations
  • Profit/Loss spreadsheets month by month

The Business Plan includes the following sections:

  • Management
  • Technical support
  • Marketing
  • Greenhouse & equipment
  • Site study
  • Spreadsheets
  • Financial data
  • Support data

Our business plan USB works with Microsoft Office  (Word and Excel). Instructions are included to walk you through the commercial greenhouse plan template. Some Mac users have reported some compatibility issues with the macros.