NFT Lettuce Production Training



NFT Lettuce Production Training DVD Learn from Jim Brown, the details of NFT Lettuce production DVD produced by CropKing.

A seeding through harvesting demonstration and explanation of the procedures and techniques involved in growing Nutrient Film Technique Lettuce is presented in this 41:43 minute long DVD.

Some Herb production is mentioned and shown.

The filming was done in a 2 Bay Gutter Connect CropKing Greenhouse equipped with NFT Lettuce Channels, a Fertroller and in ground reservoir tanks.

Key topics include


  • Lettuce Production Plan
  • Seeding and Harvesting Schedule Adjustments
  • Seeding Media Selection and Preparation
  • Seeding Procedure
  • Seed Storage
  • Sequence of Plant Ages on the Nursery Table
  • Transplant Sized Plant
  • Transplanting Seedlings into the Channels
  • Placing the Production Channels into the Fertilizer Feed System
  • Progressive Growth of Bibb lettuce
  • Harvesting and Packing Bibb lettuce in Crispers
  • Harvesting and Packing Bibb lettuce in Bulk Boxes
  • Harvesting Basil
  • Lettuce Storage in Refrigeration
  • Nutrient Feed System Operation