Sensaphone 400




  • The Sensaphone 400 is a greenhouse monitoring system that has four user-selectable inputs, temperature or dry - contact  
  •  Voice messages for each of the input alarms can be customized. User can record messages through unit's built in microphone
  • Microphone monitors high sound alarms and enables remote listen-in
  • AC power failure sensing with variable recognition time
  • Phone circuit monitors the integrity of the phone line. If  phone line is cut or disconnected, an LED will flash and optionally the output relay can be tripped at the same time for a local indication of  a problem
  • Battery condition monitor. backup power via C cell batteries accessible from front of unit.
  • Standard power plug so that power cord can be easily removed and fed through enclosure openings
  • The Sensaphone 400 greenhouse monitoring system also features a clock