6 mil IR/TES film, 4-year: 32' x 100'


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Tufflite Infrared - a Tufflite greenhouse product designed to last up to 3 years. This UV plastic sheeting, 6 mil contains both the Drip-Less feature and an additive that will delay the exit of infrared waves from the greenhouse, maintaining heat factors and saving energy.

  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Improved light diffusion reduces shadows.
  • Improved night time heat retention allows for lower fuel bills.
  • Rapid payback in fuel savings after only a few short months.

Combine the extraordinary clarity and light transmission of Tufflite IV with Tufflite Infrared and reap the rewards. Your combination double of Tufflite IV on the outside and Tufflite Infrared on the inside gives you:

  • The highest light transmission.
  • Anti-condensation protection.
  • Energy savings.