Pre-EMPT Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer



Pre-Empt is a revolutionary product, which can completely replace your conventional hydroponic fertilizer program.  Pre-Empt was developed for Recirculating NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) crops such as lettuce, basil and other leafy greens and herbs.

Pre-Empt is a multi-staged fermented molasses product. The fermentation process packs Pre-Empt with essential macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, amino acids, as well as an array of vitamins that builds a full spectrum that your plants desire.  Due to this process, there is little need to supplement PreEmpt organic hydroponic nutrients with any other micro or macro nutrients.

Our research has shown that Pre-Empt does not need to have any pH adjusters added to the product in order for the plants to receive optimum nutrient absorption, although some wells may vary. PreEmpt organic hydroponic nutrients can be used in conjunction with other products including other fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides.


  • OMRI listed complete organic nutrient package
  • Derived from all natural plant extracts
  • Improves Ion exchange between plants and water
  • Elements are in colloidal form
  • Includes a vitamin complex
  • Can be used with supplemental fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides
  • Around a pH of 4, which reduces amount of pH Down required
  • Can reduce overall plant cycle (seedling to harvest)
    • Basil growers have experienced harvest 5 days earlier than with conventional program
  • Growers have been able to go 90 days between reservoir changes (and possibly beyond)

Pre-Empt - SDS