Oxidate 2.0, 2 Gallons


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Oxidate works immediately on cantact through the oxidation of disease organisms and their spores. Since Oxidate's mode of action is immediate, there is no chance for mutation resistance.

After contact, Oxidate biodegrades leaving no residue on crops.There is no pre-harvest interval as it is wxempt from pesicide residue. You can use Oxidate as seed treatment, transplant water application, foliar spray, or with overhead or drop irrigation.

OxiDate 2.0 Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide kills bacterial and fungal pathogens, offering superior crop protection. Use OxiDate 2.0 for curative and preventative applications, or tank mix with other residual fungicides to help provide immediate knockdown control. With OxiDate 2.0, zero days to harvest and zero hour re-entry interval allow growers to spray right up to harvest.

OxiDate 2.0 Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide eradicates disease and plant pathogens such as:
Powdery and Downy Mildew
Early and Late Blight
Bacterial Spot and Speck



The State of Florida and the US EPA also register OxiDate 2.0 Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide for citrus decontamination and field and packinghouse applications. OxiDate is also labeled as a foliar spray on citrus for Alternaria, Greasy Spot, and Brown Rot.


Benefits Include:
• EPA Registered
• Zero-Hour REI 
• Zero-Days to Harvest
• Exempt from Pesticide Residue
• No Mutational Resistance
• OMRI listed for Organic Production


Item does ship as Hazardous; add $31.36 per carton