Bumblebee Hive


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These bumble bee hives for sale are only available in the Continental USA. There are 2 sizes of hive currently available. Both hives cover greenhouses up to 15,000 square feet. What sets these hives apart is the efficiency of pollination. 

  • Natupol Excel (formerly 'Class A') has high pollination efficiency. The effectiveness takes longer to reach the maximum level than the Startup hive, but the hive's overall performance is more even throughout this time span. This hive is ideal for greenhouses that operate consistently and have crops that are not yet in full bloom.
  • Natupol Excel Startup (formerly 'Class B') has a larger colony than the 'Excel' hive. The effectiveness reaches the maximum level faster than the Excel hive because it arrives to the customer with more workers in it. The level of pollination is heavier from the first day of its' introduction, but it declines faster over a shorter period of time. This hive is ideal for greenhouses in or near full bloom and need a lot of pollination, fast.

ATTENTION 'CLASS C' CUSTOMERS: The 'Class C' hive has been discontinued and there is no direct equivalent. These new hives are not based on greenhouse size, rather they are based on crop needs and growth cycles. These new hives are strong performers and can meet the pollination needs of any grower. If your greenhouse is smaller than 1,000 square feet, you may need to remove the hive sooner than you removed your 'Class C' hive to prevent over-pollination. For advice on which hive is suitable to your growing situation, read the descriptions above or give us a call at the number listed below.

*Note: Hives must be ordered by Tuesday or Friday, 12:00 noon Eastern Time. They will arrive in the same week on Thursday or the following Tuesday, respectively. They should be ordered once flowers on the first cluster are opening on most of the plants in the greenhouse.