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Hydroponic Lettuce Channels

CropKing NFT channels are easy to use and easy to clean. Our NFT channel features a removable lid or top cover for simple cleaning and harvesting. Each channel has two types of end caps, one solid cap and one spouted cap with an anti-drip drainage design. CropKing NFT channels are completely enclosed, eliminating light from reaching the nutrient solution. This greatly reduces algae growth, which can plug lines and attract pests. The spouted end cap plugs directly into the drain line for easy removal during harvesting, cleaning and replanting.


Our NFT channels are made in the United States from food-grade, UV-stablizied plastic. Channels come pre-punched with a  1” square hole on 8” centers. These holes, as well as the depth of the channel, are the perfect size to accept a 1” square cube of either Rockwool or Oasis. Channel is available in standard lengths or custom sizes are available.

We’re Here to Help
We’re Here to Help

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