NFT 8-4


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The perfect introductory system for the hobby grower or for educational purposes, this system fits well in any home or classroom. You could grow a wide variety of leafy vegetables and herbs using the recirculating hydroponic nutrient film technique (NFT). This system includes all of the channels, hardware, support, plumbing, and reservoir in order to get started. We also offer a separate NFT starter kit to jump start your growing endeavors.

The NFT 8-4 system has an optional aluminum light support rack available for purchase.

System includes:

  • (4) 8 ft. long food-grade PVC channels for a total of 48 plant spaces
  • (8) 4 ft. long removable top covers for easy cleaning
    • Each cover has (6) 1 in. x 1 in. square holes that are 8 in. on center for a total of (48) plant spaces in the entire system
  • Square aluminum support table with adjustable legs for creating slope
  • Complete feed and drain plumbing
  • PVC primer and cement for gluing end caps to prevent algae growth
  • Active Aqua 400 GPH submersible pump (PUM8000)
  • 25-gallon reservoir with lid
  • Easy to assemble NFT system components
  • Assembly and growing instructions
  • Overall footprint of system: 104 in. x 42 in. x 31 in. LWH