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Spider Mite Control 

* Phytoseiulus Persimilus

* Amblyseius Californicus

Predatory mites can be very successful in controlling spider mites as they will multiply nearly twice as fast as the spider mite population. As a preventative measure, introduce Phytoseiulus persimilus at the rate of 1 predator for every 5 sq.ft. of greenhouse area, just after transplanting. Repeat this two weeks after transplanting. Repeat this two weeks later. For control of an existing problem introduce at the rate of 1 predator for every 25 to 50 spider mites. The more you introduce, the quicker you will gain control.


Phytoseiulus Persimilis:

Target: two spotted spider and carmine spider mite: all stages, preferring younger stages. Now also effective on mites on tomato plants. 

To use: Turn and shake gently before use. Sprinkle material on leaves or pour into application boxes. Store in the dark. 

500ml blottle with dosage-plug (4,000 P. persimilis)