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Hoop House Greenhouse

Hoop Houses, High Tunnels and Hobby Greenhouses

CropKing's free standing greenhouses are designed for the hydroponic grower or anyone looking to extend their growing seasons.

About Our Free Standing Greenhouses

Hoop Houses

Our hoop house carries a 15 lb. snow load and is rated for a 80 mph wind load. This unit features arches on 4' spacing with ground stakes, couplers, five purlins, wind braces, connectors, hardware and 2 x 4 end wall brackets for attaching the end wall studs. Our hoop houses have a black vapor barrier, embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing with blueprints included.


High Tunnels

High Tunnel greenhouses are perfect for extending the growing season, or for growing all year long with optional heating and cooling packages. Start your seeds, grow in the dirt, or add one of CropKing’s hydroponic bato bucket or NFT growing systems.

The gothic style arches and high side walls create a very workable greenhouse with no wasted space and come in a variety of lengths and widths. Add a lot of production space to your produce business with very little cost. Other add-ons to this high tunnel greenhouse include roll up or down side walls and roll up or sliding end wall doors.


Hobby Greenhouses

The hobby greenhouse is a turnkey, ready-to-grow hydroponic greenhouse featuring professional-grade components in a backyard-sized footprint. It is a serious greenhouse for the small grower who wants big yields year round and comes complete with all of the systems, technology and materials needed for soilless growing. This is a great option for homeowners, restaurants or schools.


Grow vine crops like vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers), leafy vegetables (lettuce, basil, greens) and a large variety of fruits (strawberries, grapes, melons). This structure comes equipped for total climate control, so you can grow no matter what the weather.

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