Gutter Connect

Gutter Connect Greenhouses

Easily expandable, modular gutter connect construction

CropKing's modular gutter connect greenhouse construction allows for easy expansion, preserving your initial investment.

About our Gutter Connect Greenhouses

The CropKing Gutter-Connect Greenhouse is a series of 22’ wide bays connected by an aluminum gutter and is expandable by adding on more bays as your business grows.


16 bays (approximately 352 ft. wide) equals approximately one acre of production. Our standard greenhouse is 128 ft. long. The column posts, which support the gutter, are spaced 8’ on center.


Our gutter connect greenhouse is an engineered structure with a 90 mph wind load rating. The wind load rating is increased to 130 mph when the cover is removed. The frame also carries a 20 lb. snow load when the greenhouse is heated to a minimum of 50°F.



  • Arches are on 4 ft. centers and there are three runs of purlins attached with cross-connectors and pipe straps along the length of the arches.
  • The structure is made from Gatorshield galvanized (rust resistant) structural steel with a minimum of 50,000 psi yield and 55,000 psi tensile strength.
  • The arches are 1.66” steel, and the bottom chords and purlins are 1.315” steel. 
  • 10 Foot High Gutter (necessary for taller vine crops)
    • 10’ column post height, spaced every 8’ 
    • 2.5” wide square steel column posts 
    • 1.66” diameter 14GA frame members 
    • Members are attached using aluminum cross- connectors, pipe straps, and brace bands 
  • 8 Foot High Gutter (usually used for shorter leaf type crops)
    • 8’ column post height, spaced every 8’
    • 1.90” diameter 13GA column post 
    • 1.66” diameter 14GA frame members
    • Members are attached using aluminum cross- connectors, pipe straps, and brace bands 


Gutter Connect Construction
Getting Started Guide

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