iGrow Sapphire Irrigation Controler


The Sapphire is a commercial irrigation controller that is ideal for applications requiring misting, flood, drip or standard irrigation. The controller comes with 8-outputs and provides cloud monitoring and control. Easy to install and program. This controller allows the grower the flexibility of utilizing different irrigation methods with one controller.

With Cloud access, programming, monitoring and reporting is easily performed remotely. The newly implemented grow journal allows the grower the ability to add notes and tasks in the system, store grower logs, and generate reports.



  • 8 independent outputs - to control multiple zones with one controller.
  • Mist, pulse, and irrigation control - for each output for flexible growing applications.
  • Multiple start and end times per day - to provide crop specific flexibility.
  • On/Off manual timed override - allowing for simple changes when needed.
  • Easy to program at the controller or remotely - from the Cloud for convenient zone adjustments.
  • Cloud access - For easy monitoring and control via the internet.