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Students working with hydroponic systems.

CropKing is the leader in designing and manufacturing greenhouse & hydroponic systems for the controlled environment agricultural industry. With over 35 years in business, we develop solutions to enhance the efficiency of crop production through our innovation, research, and technical expertise.


We are committed to investing in the future and education of students. Whether you have room for our Desktop NFT system, or an empty classroom that you’re ready to convert into a growing operation, our team can customize a package to fit your curriculum and your students, complete with troubleshooting and technical support.

Coventry Middle School in Akron, Ohio had an empty classroom and a desire to build a custom space for middle school students to study and learn about different methods of growing. CropKing worked with the staff and students to design, manufacture and install these custom hydroponic and aquaculture systems, including bato buckets and NFT systems.

Students have been very excited working with the CropKing Hydroponic Tables and Bato Bucket Hydroponic Vine systems! Every student who has worked in the greenhouse has had a chance to practice the scientific method in action with the systems and provide food for both ourselves and the cooking class.

— Nathan Dick, Mayfield Middle School
Students Harvesting Hydroponic Tomatoes
Getting Started with Classroom Hydroponics

CropKing offers resources for school teachers and administrators interested in incorporating hydroponics into their STEM programs, school gardens, and project-based learning objectives. Whether you're looking for hydroponic systems, growing media and supplies, assistance with grant opportunities and funding, or a fun hands-on field trip, download our Classroom Hydroponics Guide to learn more about what we offer!